Arun Counselling Centre is a registered charity and was established in 1983 and is now accredited by The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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Counsellors in Training

Qualified Counsellors


are welcome to apply for a placement at Arun Counselling Centre

Simply telephone or email and ask for an application form

We set up interviews several times during each year 


All our counsellors are volunteers - all are either qualified or in the process of gaining qualifications - supervision is fortnightly in groups of four.  

Students pay £20 per month for their supervision - by monthly Direct Debit

Qualified counsellors receive free fortnightly supervision and travel expenses

Qualified counsellors may train to be assessors on request, usually after two year post-qualification.

All counsellors are expected to commit to the service for at least two years, hopefully for much longer!

It is expected that all counsellors will become members of the BACP and will attend at last two of our workshops each year as part of their ongoing professional development

All counsellors will have had previous related experience and will have undergone personal therapy themselves

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All counsellors at the Arun Counselling Centre are able to offer OPEN-ENDED counselling. Prospective clients go through an assessment interview and, once allocated, have a 6-session initial period and review to ensure that the counselling offered is best-suited for them. 

Some Counselling is now available in the evenings and on Saturday mornings